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By now you’ve probably got the memo… Powerblanket Tote Heaters and IBC Tank Warmers really are the best all around solution for heating, warming, and insulating intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s).  Standard sizes range from 275 – 550 gallon, and larger/smaller heaters can be made for odd shaped and non-standard containers.  BUY Powerblanket© ONLINE or call (866) 805-HEAT and tell them you heard about them at ToteHeater.com


Powerblanket IBC Tote Heaters

Powerblanket 275 & 330 Gallon Tote Heaters use a patented heat spreading technology called GreenHeat to evenly distribute the heat to the entire blanket surface.  Testing shows that the Powerblanket heats quicker and uses considerably less energy than the comparable BriskHeat model.  All Powerblanket models (TH275, TH330, etc.) include an insulated top cover FREE of charge, which is an optional upgrade on the BriskHeat version.  Average price for the Powerblanket TH330 – 330 Gallon IBC Tote Heater is $1,599 and is in stock and available online @ HEAT AUTHORITY or by calling (866) 805-HEAT. Also available in larger and smaller versions.

Also available for DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) pumping stations and other tote tank configurations.

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The Powerblanket® SMART Blanket, with patented GreenHeat© heat spreading technology, protects product by maintaining your desired temperature. It has three separate heated zones that intelligently respond to thermal feedback. This keeps chemicals and other industrial materials within customer-defined temperature ranges. If the level or temperature of your product changes, the Powerblanket® SMART Blanket will automatically shut off the necessary zone – this means no overheating or burning of product.

Powerblanket® SMART Blankets:

  • Specifically designed for challenging food processing applications
  • Prevents material over-heating
  • Three separate zones of heat
  • Delivers heat where it is needed = SMART
  • Automatically adjusts to varying fluid levels
  • Standard 55 Gallon Drum Model 120 VAC 780 Watts
  • Adjustable for product temperatures from ambient to 145 +/- 5°F
  • Water, dust and corrosion resistant programmable thermostatic controller (NEMA 4X standard)
  • Abrasion, rip, water, and chemical resistant tough outer enclosure
  • Adjustable straps with metal buckles
Certified for Hazardous Locations *
(*Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C & D – T4 Temperature Classification)

Freeze Prevention

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freeze prevention for IBC Totes

Freeze Prevention – Millions of IBC Totes are found in warehouses, freight cars, loading docks, and trailer beds.  While transporting them may be relatively easy, keeping their contents from freezing is far from a walk in the park.  Millions of dollars annually are lost due to spoiled/frozen IBC products including food, dairy, chemicals, polyurethane, petroleum, and other temperature sensitive materials.

So just how do you keep a tote full of honey or resin or polyurethane at optimal temperatures?  The answer is… IT DEPENDS… depends on several factors like:

1. What are the external ambient temperatures working against you?  Wind?  Rain?  Humidity?

2. What is the material you are trying to heat?

3. Are you trying to increase or maintain temperature?

4. Will you be transporting the IBC Totes?

5. Will the Totes be exposed to snow and ice?

Then there are other factors to consider like viscosity, price, and the list goes on and on.  Generally speaking we recommend two types of devices for heating tote materials although they are very different in application.

The first is an immersion heater.  Immersion heaters have been used for decades to heat liquids inside drums, buckets, totes, and tanks.  Although immersion heaters do heat up quickly, there is a tendency for them to burn product and corrode quickly… both factors you want to avoid when dealing with expensive compounds.

The second is an insulated jacket or electric blanket that wraps around the plastic or metal tote, offering a barrier of warmth and insulation to an otherwise very exposed surface.  The most reliable and efficient tote blanket heaters we observed are manufactured by either Powerblanket , ProMAX or Brisk-Heat.  On the surface they look very similar, but the Powerblanket offers great bang for the buck with their patented Heat Spreading Technology and UL / CSA classification.  The Powerblanket model also includes the removable top cover, which BriskHeat charges $295 as an upgrade.  You’ll save approximately $400 to $500 with a Powerblanket.

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Where To Buy DEF

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Where to buy DEF – Whether you’re looking to refill your vehicle with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) or buy an IBC Tote filled with the blue stuff… we provide the locations and solutions to your problem, READ ON.

Where to Buy DEFThe following links of DEF providers and producers is provided to help you located a dealer nearest you.  Many of these companies have location throughout the US & Canada and can be found on their website or by calling them direct.  http://bluedef.com/




DEF must be maintained at specific temperatures in order to avoid spoiling or denigrating the product.  For example, Diesel Exhaust Fluid will begin to crystallize at 12°F.  It can also lose its potency if stored for prolonged periods over 86°F.  Great care should be taken to protect DEF from high and low temperatures.  Storing at 60-70°F is preferable.

New to the market is a revolutionary heating system specifically designed to heat & maintain temperature for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). The most efficient DEF Tote Heaters on the market, that we’ve tested, are manufactured by a company called Powerblanket out of Salt Lake City Utah.

At the heart of this new science is Powerblanket’s patented GreenHeat Technology – the most energy efficient method for distributing heat to the entire blanket surface, providing a uniform barrier of insulated heat that protects DEF from freezing or gelling and maintains temperature for maximum pumpability. Powerblanket’s lightweight heated enclosure is engineered to protect the pump housing, hoses, nozzles, valves, and holding tanks from freezing. Filling stations, farmers, fleet managers, and end users now have an affordable heating solution for their DEF products without worry of gelling, spoiled product, or frozen lines.

Freeze protection and temperature control for your DEF in EXTREME COLD locations has never been easier.  The DEF Industry now has a viable solution for heating Diesel Exhaust Fluid and protecting IBC Totes, pumps, and hoses from freezing temperatures in extreme cold weather environments. By teaming with industry giants, Powerblanket has received valuable feedback in the design and manufacturing process, allowing for a complete & effective heating solution for DEF.

Powerblanket does not sell direct to the public.  The most reliable online distributor for their DEF Heater product line is Heat Authority, which we found to have adequate stock on hand and the ability to offer same day shipments.

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