BriskHeatBriskHeat Tote Heater Blankets come in 3 different sizes – 36″, 42″ and 48″ heights.   They also offer each version in both 120V and 240V options.  BriskHeat Tote Heaters come well packaged and include two separate heat zones.  This feature is useful when the tank gets low and only the lower portion needs to be heated.

BriskHeat Tote Heaters come equipped with adjustable thermostat controllers designed to keep materials within 50-160°F and bost a CE/RoHS compliance certification.  All in all, BriskHeat makes a well manufactured blanket with a 1-year warranty.  We found tech support to be excellent.  Products are available online from several distributors, with best pricing and availability found @ HEAT AUTHORITY.


BriskHeat Heating Pad System Includes:

  • TTH Tote Tank Silicone Rubber Heating Pad: Installs underneath bladder
  • TTD Outdoor-Use Digital On/Off Temperature Controller: Mounts easily to cage

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Product Highlights

checkmark Speed up the flow of slow moving and uncooperative contents such as honey, molasses, lube oil, and more!

checkmark Wrap-around blanket design allows you to heat a tote tank / IBC from the outside to avoid contamination inside

checkmark Designed for caged, plastic, or metal tote tanks / Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)

checkmark Non-evasive: Does not contaminate or scorch your product

checkmark Two separate heat zones allow you to adjust heater output when content levels lower

checkmark CE   RoHS   REACH