Shop 275 Gallon Tote Heaters from dozens of manufacturers @ Heat Authority.  Full Wrap and Heating Tote Pads are discussed in more detail at Distributors websites listed below.

Heat Authority offer several methods for heating 275 Gallon IBC Totes and other Industrial Materials.  Links provided will allow you to jump directly to the system that best fits your needs including immersion heaters, electric blankets, blowers, and radiant heaters.


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The ProMAX HA275 model IBC Tote Heater allows quick heating from 0-100°C (212°F) which is a must for some customer applications. ProMAX offers a wide range of size for most applications including 220, 275 and 330 Gallon w/ adjustable straps and industry best 1800 Watts of Heating Power with adjustable controller up to 212°F.  Heat Authority is hands down, the best supplier of tote heater jackets and IBC heating equipment on the market for IBC Tote temperature control!



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Other Tote Heating Options: 220, 275 & 330 Gallon Tote Heaters are designed to wrap around poly and steel IBC tote tanks and provide a barrier of uniform directional heat to the entire surface of the container.  Here, we examine the THREE main (most popular) manufactures, namely POWERBLANKET , BRISKHEAT & ProMAX.

Powerblanket 275 Gallon Tote Heaters use a patented heat spreading technology called GreenHeat to evenly distribute the heat to the entire blanket surface.  Testing shows that the Powerblanket heats quickly and uses  less energy than comparable brands.  The Powerblanket model TH275 also includes the top cover, which is an addtional charge on the BriskHeat version.  Average price for the Powerblanket TH275 – 275 Gallon IBC Tote Heater is $1,575 and is in stock and available online @ HEAT AUTHORITY or call (866) 805-HEAT. Powerblanket includes UL/CSA/CE and ETL certifications which is a must for most Canadian customers. Also available in larger and smaller versions.


The BriskHeat 330 Gallon Tote Tank Heater comes well packaged and includes two separate heat zones.  This feature is useful when the tank gets low and only the lower portion needs to be heated.  We found the cost of the BriskHeat to be considerably higher and does not include the top cover which is needed in some circumstances.  Expect to pay (on average) about $600 more for the BriskHeat model compared to the Powerblanket.  If dual heat zones is mandatory, and price isn’t a factor, then this unit is probably for you.  Also available online from several distributors, with best pricing and availability found @ HEAT AUTHORITY.


Also available for DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) pumping stations and other tote tank configurations.

Powerblanket does not sell 275 Gallon Tote Heaters direct to the public.  The most reliable online distributor for any Tote Heater product line is Heat Authority, which we found to have adequate Heaters on hand and the ability to offer same day shipments. Their pricing is much better than most.  CALL (866) 805-4328 or visit them online @