Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)

Manufacturers and distributors of IBC Totes have gained in popularity in part due to the many advantages of totes over drums.  The advantages of using IBCs instead of drums is more than simply saving money. The time spent filling, handling and storing liquids is significantly reduced when using totes. Of course, the cost savings certainly adds up. IBCs drain completely, virtually eliminating any costly product residue. IBCs also eliminate expensive drum and pallet disposal costs. In total, IBCs can significantly reduce your liquid packaging costs.  After years of work in the industry, we confidently recommend Metano as our 2013 Editor’s Choice and 5-Star IBC Tote Distributor.

5-starMetano IBC Services, Inc. is an intermediate bulk container (IBC) supply company. They provide stainless steel IBC rentals, sales and service.

IBC Tote Distributors

Metano is a single source supplier for all your tote tank requirements:

  • Stainless Steel IBC Rental – High quality stainless steel IBCs at low daily rates is the best to start utilizing the benefits of IBCs without the large capital outlay.
  • IBC Sales – Offering stainless steel and poly composite IBCs at very competitive prices as well at IBC replacement parts and accessories.
  • IBC Services – Provide IBC testing (UN/DOT), cleaning and repair services.

The Metano IBC rental service provides liquid packagers with reliable, space efficient containers that help keep costs in line. IBCs are durable, reusable and cost effective.  Click here to read more about their stainless steel tote tank rentals.

Metano IBC Services, Inc ships worldwide and can be contacted at any of the locations listed below:

2 Merkin Drive
Perrineville, NJ 08535
Local: 732.566.9600
Toll Free: 800.634.4128

Or submit their contact form now for more details on how Metano can make a difference in your liquid packaging, shipping or storage business.


For heating your IBC tanks and totes, we recommend Heat Authority, LLC.  They carry a wide range of heating appliances and equipment to help you maintain temperature in your IBC’s and materials.  For year round temperature control, call the experts at Heat Authority below:

CALL (866) 805-HEAT

The Online Leader in IBC Tote and Tote Tank Heating Equipment & Supplies.


Heat Authority accepts Net 30 terms for qualified buyers and is the #1 Rated supplier of Tote Heating equipment in the nations.  They have the largest inventory and ship faster than anyone we researched.  Our experience indicates that Heat Authority will get you the best price and shipping rates available.  Call them last and save!

Powerblanket Tote Heater

FREE FREIGHT for online & bulk orders!  275 & 330 Gallon IBC Tote Heaters, including digital thermostatic controlled for easy temperate regulation from 0°F to +212°F (depending on model), removable top for easy access to fill spouts, adjustable straps, thermo probe. Never over or under heat product again. UL/CSA Compliant. Fits larger and smaller tanks ranging from 220 to 350 Gallon.  Shop ONLINE and save.

Common Uses:

  • Freeze Protection
  • Heat IBC Totes & Containers
  • Maintain Temperature in Product
  • Protect Temperature Sensitive Liquids
  • Heat DEF, Chemicals, Water, Petroleum, & Food Products
  • Effective on both Stainless and Poly Totes & Tanks


           CALL 1-866-805-HEAT (4328)